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Laszlo Torok started to manufacture gaskets in 1993, 23 years ago as an entrepreneur. Later he established Torok es tarsai Tomitesgyarto es Szolgaltato Ltd. with his family in 1996. 

Since 8th November 2011 the manager of the company has been Peter Torok. 

The members of the family care deeply about the company and provide a stable background to quality production and services. The familiar atmosphere of the company is also reflected by its employees: some of the employees have been steady, reliable members of the venture for many years, and also those who have came to the company in the last years due to our expansion and development take part in the production as satisfied employees. 

Torok Ltd has 15 employees and 10 outside workers. 

As a plastic product manufacturer and distributor, our company pays special attention to environmental standards and is trying to achieve higher levels of recycling in the spirit of quality. 

The gaskets manufactured by Torok Tomitesek Ltd guarantee a durable sealing in any temperature and pressure. 
Our products are suitable for durable sealing in water, gas, steam and oil mediums in all possible ways. We undertake the manufacturing of gaskets for special materials as well. The range of products contains up to 2,000 different types. 

Our company focuses not only on the profit and market interests but places great emphasis on competitive prices for the customers and on meeting the customer needs in the long run. 

Your product or service is valuable for us. We are working to increase your company’s value. It is important for us to create not only nice products but products which help the development of your company. 

We always strive to ensure high quality work in all our products. We can only achieve this with teamwork where all participants are committed to creative work. 


Quality assurance

The aim of the company is to create and run a well-organized institution in Hungary, which involves its subcontractors and suppliers to adapt to its customers’ needs. It adopts a flexible market policy and achieves customers’ satisfaction with precise, immaculate quality services and product manufacturing. 

Our main quality goals are: 
• Fulfilling our commitments in time and in perfect quality 
• Advancing and strengthening the company’s market position 
• Raising productivity, reducing production costs and achieving higher efficiency 
• Satisfying customer needs at the highest possible level 
• Creating calm, safe and accident free environment for all employees 
• Introducing and wildly promoting our quality control policy to our customers in order to obtain a certain ranking and recognition. 

The management of our company is committed to achieve quality assurance goals by: 
• Running a quality assurance system through the whole plastic molding process. 
• Motivating our employees to cease revealed problems, reveal defects and minimize arising losses. 
• Providing continuous improvements and modernizations in order to ensure product quality. 
• Continuous trainings and inspections of all the employees in order to keep the level of the quality assurance system.
• Expecting and requiring immaculate product quality and implementation from all involved contributors, subcontractors and suppliers. 

Torok es tarsai Ltd expects all its employees and contributors to be actively involved in achieving quality policy goals. During their daily works it is crucial that they focus on the assurance of high standards, continuous self-education and reliability. Customer satisfaction is the feedback of all our activities.
All employees have to participate in the implementation of the “Procedural Instructions” and respect it within their capabilities. They have to be aware that they represent the success and social reputation of our company with their personal performance as well. 

With the declaration of the quality assurance, we follow the achievement of the strategic aims of our company, while ensuring the broad acknowledgment of the fact that our success is the key to the personal prosperity of our employees and business partners. 

Hajduszoboszlo, 8 November 2011


Waterproof wallet, beach wallet production!


Classic, capsule shape waterproof wallet. 
For waterproof storage of bills and coins. 

Also suitable for vacation, beach activities, sailing and water sports. 
Lanyard wallet completely waterproof after properly closed. 

Water tightness is ensured by gaskets also produced by us. 

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Fridge magnets, key holders


Buy fridge magnets and key holders from the largest supplier in Hungary!



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Gasket manufacturing


Our company is a leader in Hungary for gasket and thermoplastic product manufacturing.

We produce and distribute 2,000 different products. 

Gasket manufacturing, gasket manufacturer, gaskets, seal cutting, plastic molding.

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Custom seal production

Manufacturing custom gaskets based on blueprint or provided sample.

These can include vehicle gaskets: 

- cylinder head gasket 
- intake and exhaust gaskets 
- line gaskets 
- turbo gaskets 
- valve cover gasket 
- crank case gasket 
- side plate gasket 
- power units, control units, steering gears, shifting gears gaskets 

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Mass produced gaskets

Mass produced and custom gaskets

compressors (screw, air, piston, trolley) 
- fork-lifts (Molotov, Perkins, Toyota etc...) 
- outboard motor 
- motorboat 
- parts 
- motorcycles (mostly old-timers) 
- buses, tracks, cars, 
- tracks MAN, Mercedes, RÁBA
- locomotive gaskets DHM-6, DVM-6, DVM-8, DHM-5, DHM-7, DVM-14, M62, DVM-10, DVM-10,2 Siemens Desiro, NOHAB, C–50, M44 Ganzjendrosik 170/240
- earthmovers  gaskets T-174 weimar, Hanomag
- brush cutter gaskets 
- chainsaw gaskets

- quad gaskets 
- pump gaskets, industrial and home
- racing cars (tuned, special) thickness max 2,2 mm 
- tractors MTZ, Utus, K-25Super-5060-11, 56-11 
- Japanese small tractor, Chinese small tractor gaskets  Shibaura, Kubota, Yamar, Hinomoto, Mitsubishi, Iseki 
- aircraft gaskets 
- army vehicle gaskets KRAZ, Ural, Csepel, BTR-80, MAZ-537, Tanks, T34, T55/A, VT 55, ZIL 131, Ural 44202, Ural-375, GAZ 66, BMP-1 ARMORED INFANTRY, Prága V3S, jeep MB/GPW, UAZ, KAMAZ, ROBUR, PSZH, BAT-M, PTSZ-M, VT55 Bika, BRDM2, BTR 60, BTR60 PU2, FUG, VPV etc.. gaskets based on provided sample


Building technology seals Click <<

Building technology seals:  <<buy

- Hollanders 
- flexible pipes
- furnaces 
- water heaters 
- boilers 
- anode gasket 
- ball taps 
- water meters (drinking water certified) 
- gas meters (with pentane resistance inspection) 
- propane gas botle gasket manufacturing!  <<buy
Acquired certifications: 
- For gases according to MSZ EN ISO 9001:2009 MSZ 1601 
- GAD 2009/142/EC 
- MSZ EN 437:2003 + A1 
- MSZ EN 549:1994 
- TÜV Certificate for 100 disassembling and assembling 
- fridge, air conditioner, sun collector gaskets
For solar systems
Industrial gaskets: 
Dome covers,  flanges pipe flanges, tanks 
Manufacturing general flange gaskets according to DIN 2690 
Standard and non-standard gaskets. 
We cut gaskets from Temac seal plates. 
Even with puzzle binding. 
With metal rims if necessary. 
-Plate inserted, graphite, glass fiber  gaskets. 
-Rubber gaskets SBR, NBR, silicone, EPDM 
-Teflon PTFE -


Copper and aluminum gaskets

For bored screws, break pipes, fuel systems.

Our new product line is gasket sets, boxes or so called assortment gasket kits.

Did you know there is a difference between copper washers and copper gaskets? 

The copper and aluminum gaskets we produce are soft! 
Buy it and simply install it.

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Asbestos-free gasket sheets

Distribution of asbestos free gasket sheetsrubber sheetsglass fiber cords.

We will find the necessary quality gasket sheets for any industrial use, which we can use for manufacturing the required size of gasket. 

- gasket sheet Economy 140°CTemasil NG 250°CTemasil HT 330°CMotorit 450°CGrafit450°C
fiber sheet 
pressboard sheet
paperboard sheet 
silicon sheet 
- rubber sheets, general, acid, alkali, chemical, EPDM, canvas insertion,  oilproof
- insulating sheet

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Plastic molding

Plastic molding with 120 t clamping force and 245 g shot volume

photoholder key holders 
Stickerable key holders 
Writeable key holder (MD LINE exclusive distributor) 
keyhead decorations (MD LINE exclusive distributor) 
photoholder fridge magnets 
shopping chart coins 
- glass industry corner elements fix corner elementflexible corner elementgas filled corner element
- dust sleeves 
- rubber mudguards 
- break and clutch pedal rubbers 
- steering gear dust sleeves, bushings
- cable guide rings 
- rear view mirrors 
- gaskets 
rubber balls, rubber projectiles, rubber knur (milling, weapon industry, toys) 
- rubber gaskets
snowball, sandball, boilie feeder maker 
Frisbee toy markable, stickerable 
- beach toys 
- sporting goods

Watertight wallet, beach wallet 
- other plastic toys. 

We undertake journey works of plastic molding and we may design and create necessary molds too. 
Complete discretion, confidentiality! 
We maintain, renew or repair molds as necessary. 
We keep inventory of agreed amounts. 
You don’t need to store stock. 

You save money, time and energy with us! 



Rubber ball, rubber droppings, rubber projectile!

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